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This blog is all about “ High Fat Low Carb “ diet. Which is much better than the normal (high carb low fat) diet.

HFLC diet is nothing but, minimizing or reducing the carbohydrates intake (between 25 – 40 grams/day*) and increasing the fat along with adequate amount of protein**

In other words, your major energy (calories) requirement comes from dietary Fat, least from Carb along with adequate amount from protein**

The most important aspect of HFLC is completely obviate, Sugar (in any form) and starch from your diet.

Calorie counting is not encouraged.  Eat (HFLC) food, until you fell ful and satisfied (no portion control).  Eat generous amounts of saturated fats like Egg, butter, red meat without guilty and lose weight and take the numerous health advantages.

*depends on the individual. example, if a person with diabetic should restrict 25g/day and a healthy person can go up to 40g/day
**Protein requirements depend on the Age, Height and activity based.

Advantages of High Fat Low Carb diet  over High Carb Low Fat diet

Please read carefully and understand how the HFLC diet is beneficial and more adaptive (natural) to Human species.
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